The wind farms of the Borkum cluster are located within a radius of 18-100 km off the island. A service station with living quarters in our location optimises operational processes and increases employee satisfaction.


To date, wind farm employees often stay overnight on the mainland, in the city of Borkum or on hotel ships. For the workers, these accommodations mean either long journeys to their workplaces and/or little privacy during periods of rest and bad weather.

The Borkumer Reede as a service station for the supply of the wind farms and as a living quarter offers great time and cost savings due to its optimal location:

  • Ships have a tide-independent and shortest possible route to the wind farms.
  • The quay and jetties for CTVs (Crew Transfer Vessels) and ATVs (Advanced Transfer Vessels) are located in the immediate vicinity of the Offshore Quartier.
  • The Borkumer Reede provides warehouses, harbour services and a refuelling station for service vessels.
  • Borkum is an island with high recreational value. Workers can not only spend their free time in the newly developed quarter, but also explore touristic and unknown corners of the island – and make it their second home.